Maguy Marin. The passion of the possible

A program of events that will take place between Parma and Reggio Emilia, from May to December 2023. Featuring French artist and choreographer Maguy Marin.

Project carried out under the patronage of the French Embassy and with the support of the Fondazione Nuovi Mecenati - Franco-Italian Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Creation

Shuttle service between Parma and Reggio Emilia

On the occasion of the performances of "Maguy Marin. The Passion of the Possible" Reggio Parma Festival provides its audience with a shuttle service between Parma and Reggio Emilia.

Below are the dates of service:


Wednesday, November 15, 7:15 p.m.
departing from Reggio Emilia, on Viale Allegri, next to the Ariosto Theater.

DEUX MILLE VINGT TROIS (Cavallerizza Theater)

Sunday, November 19, 2:45 p.m.
departing from Parma, piazzale Volta

NOCTURNES (Teatro Due)

Sunday, November 26, 2:45 p.m.
departing from Reggio Emilia, on Viale Allegri, next to the Ariosto Theater.

UMWELT (Teatro Regio)

Friday, December 15, 7:15 p.m.
departing from Reggio Emilia, on Viale Allegri, next to the Ariosto Theater.


Saturday, December 16, 3:15 p.m.
departing from Parma, piazzale Volta

Information and reservations

For the events at the Ariosto and Cavallerizza Theatres (Fondazione I Teatri)
Tel. (+39) 0522 458811

For the events at Teatro Due
Tel. (+39) 0521 230242

For the events at Teatro Regio
Tel. (+39) 0521 203999


30/05/2023  6:00 pm
Valli Municipal Theater, Reggio Emilia

Maguy Marin and David Mambouch

Maguy Marin – L’urgence d’agir by director David Mambouch traces the artistic “journey” of Maguy Marin, for more than 35 years one of the most important and appreciated choreographers on the international scene.
In 1981 her masterpiece, “May B,” upset everything that had been thought about contemporary dance up to that time. It was an explosion whose echo has not ceased to resonate and which has made the artist famous all over the world. In the film, David Mambouch, the choreographer’s son, not only tells the story of the piece “May B” and the lived experience of the protagonists, but wants to offer the viewer a profound reflection on transmission, on the consciousness of generations, on aging bodies, on individual and collective growth.



31/05/2023 08:30 pm
Teatro Regio, Parma

Maguy Marin Company

Maguy Marin’s timeless masterpiece, with more than 750 performances on five continents, returns to theaters in Parma.
Inspired by the tragicomic and nihilistic world of Irish playwright Samuel Beckett, May B offers an energetic interweaving of dance and theater to recount the paradox of the human condition: the impossibility of living deeply with others and at the same time the tragic inability to remain alone. The ten dancers on stage, dressed in tattered clothes and with their faces covered by a blanket of white chalk, represent a humanity now adrift, proposing in a kind of awkward parade grotesque, distressing and violent situations.



14 e 15/11/2023  8:30 pm
Teatro Due, Parma

Maguy Marin and David Mambouch

This 2014 performance, interpreted by David Mambouch, between body declension and gestural research, expresses the French choreographer’s most experimental figure by going beyond the boundaries of dance tout court.
Focusing on faces, anonymous or recognizable, that catch our gaze, it is a work of listening to what these tell us about their absent bodies.
Each individual is a multiplicity, and by dressing all faces, she shows the plurality of perceptions and possible readings of a gesture that repeats and multiplies.


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Exhibition of photos and unpublished materials curated by Paul Pedebidau

November 14, 2023 – November 26, 2023

Teatro Due, Parma

This exhibition on Maguy Marin’s work brings together for the first time a selection from his archives. These documents are the tools used in the creative process and reveal the work in its early stages, the research in progress. An opportunity to discover the modus operandi Maguy Marin uses in transcribing choreographic language into scores and the methodological changes and variations that have taken place in the development of his creations.
At the frontier between dance, theater and visual arts, Maguy Marin’s work is often articulated in collaboration with artists from other disciplines, such as musicians, visual artists and, of course, the company’s team and its performers. Through the work of the body, the use of speech and text, and the development of complex polyrhythmic structures, an eminently political message emerges. Maguy Marin sees his shows first and foremost as spaces for thought and critique, questioning power structures, social dynamics and, more generally, our relationship to the world and its history. At stake is a responsibility not of preservation or recording, but on the contrary of transmission, that is, inextricably of memory.

Opening 14 november 6.30 pm
14 november: 6,30 – 10,30 pm
15 november: 10-12,30 am and 7,30- 10,30 pm
16 november: 9 -1,30 am
17 november: 9 -1,30 am
18 november: 7,30 – 9,45 pm
19 november: 3-5,15 pm
20 november: 10-12,30 am
21 november: closed
22 november:  7,30- 9,45 pm
23 november: closed
24 november: 9-1,30 am
25 november: 4,30- 10,30 pm
26 november: 3- 6 pm


Teatro Due, Parma

The workshop is aimed at professional artists in dance, theater and music. It aims to set in motion skills of invention and composition by bringing the body into play with practical, concrete exercises based on the exploration of rhythm, voice, dance, theater and music.

The actual practice of many artists involves the exchange of each other’s points of view, an essential element in the research process capable of shifting the traditional relationship between creator and performer. To interpret is also to be the author of one’s gesture, it is already to understand how a context acts on the way we grasp and react to the world. The interpreter is called upon to grasp multiple pieces of information in order to constantly compose and recompose his or her relationship with his or her surroundings.

The goal is to do with the knowledge, tools and contingencies that are actually available, ” at hand”: those of the body. They are numerous and will allow one to approach the origins of the creative act: many wastelands, which will be explored from textual, visual, physical and musical elements. Literally squeezing these materials, to the point of exhaustion, throughout the research.


Essays produced alone or in small groups will be made, offered to the gaze of other participants, revealing as they disappear, forms sometimes far removed from the initial subject, but carrying unexpected particularities and singularities. Playful exercises that will give everyone a chance to return to liberating moments of imagination, shared responsibility and collaboration to venture into unknown and foreign territories.

The workshop will allow time to take time to raise questions about the act of creation and everyone’s place in joint work from the perspective of multiplicity of perspectives, tasks and responsibilities. A time that allows us to reexamine the fundamentals of presence on the stage.

Submission of applications closed June 30, 2023.

Information and reservations: – Tel. 0521. 282212 –



18/11/2023  08:30 pm
19/11/2023  16:00 pm
Teatro Cavallerizza, Reggio Emilia

Maguy Marin Company

Italian Premiere

Maguy Marin conception
Pièce for 7 performers
Text in close collaboration with Kostia Chaix, Kaïs Chouibi, Chandra Grangean, Lisa
Martinez, Alaïs Marzouvanlian, Lise Messina, Rolando Rocha
Lighting Alexandre Béneteaud
Stage direction Albin Chavignon
Soundtrack/video Victor Pontonnier
Documentary research and set design elements Paul Pedebidau
Costumes Pierre-Yves Loup-Forest
Co-producers: Reggio Parma Festival, Maison de la Danse, La Comédie de Saint Etienne
– CDN, Théâtre de la Ville de Paris, Cndc Angers, Le Gymnase CDCN Roubaix Hauts-de-
Compagnie Maguy Marin is subsidized by the Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and the Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. It is also subsidized by the city of Lyon and receives support from the Institut français for its projects abroad.
National and international distribution A Propic – Line Rousseau and Marion Gauvent
International distribution DLB Spectacles – Thierry Bevière

In the deluge of images in which we are included before we even realize it, we are tested as machines and everyday objects in all areas of economic and social life. Our bodies have become objects for surveillance, which can be filmed and recorded. If the failure of 20th century political movements turned them into aesthetic objects, recent liberation movements show that a wind of revolt capable of driving out those forced into the silence of misery is still alive.
The Maguy Marin company’s new creation takes its cue from readings and images that have nurtured its creation: the writings of Annie Lebrun and Juri Armanda, those of Roland Gori, the documentaries of Adam Curtis – HyperNormalisation and The century of self – and again Jimmy Leipold’s La fabrique du consentement, which traces the approach of Edward Barnays, inventor of public relations and great manipulator of opinion, as revealed in his book, Propaganda. If the subject is rather dramatic, its dramaturgical treatment is that of humor inspired by B. Brecht and the great comic actor Karl Valentin. These readings and films have helped highlight a real phenomenon that overwhelms us: our seemingly free choices reveal our inclination to follow majority opinion, to opt for what is prescribed and manufactured by advertising, to accept the colonization of our minds by the media.


Exhibition curated by Piero Tauro

Ridotto of the Valli Municipal Theater, Reggio Emilia
Saturday, November 18, 2023 – December 16, 2023Free admission

The exhibition recounts the encounter between the work of Maguy Marin and the photography of Piero Tauro.
“The encounter with a phenomenon so powerful in the imagination, its being an interpreter of the anxieties of the world, so political in its social stratum like a dance step, like an event acted or set to music, creates new, unexpected balances for you. The resulting images, though daughters of the will to make that performance yours with your eye, remain in the end an effect of his creative and inimitable power, of his being Maguy Marin, genius. Contamination and deviation from the seen to feel drawn into the visionary. This was, is, and will be Maguy Marin in my professional life as a dance photographer.”

Piero Tauro lives and works in Rome.
He has dedicated himself to stage photography for over forty years with a particular eye to new experiences in contemporary theater and dance. He has done photo shoots for major dance and research theater companies while collaborating with major Italian festivals. He is the official photographer of the Romaeuropa Festival since its first edition, in the past of the Oriente Occidente Festival in Rovereto and the Bolzano Danza Festival. In cinema he has been set photographer with directors such as Gabriele Salvatores, Raul Ruiz. He has exhibited his images in many cities: Paris, Los Angeles, Budapest, Milan, Rome, Palermo,Spoleto at the Festival dei Due Mondi. He collaborates with major national newspapers.



25/11/2023 5:30 pm
Teatro Due, Parma


Compagnie Maguy Marin
Saturday, November 25, 8:30 p.m.
Sunday, November 26, 4:00 p.m.
Teatro Due, Parma

Conception and realization Maguy Marin and Denis Mariotte
Lighting direction Alexandre Béneteaud
Equipment / props Louise Gros
Costume realization Nelly Geyres with Raphaël Lo Bello sound Victor Pontonnier Compagnie Maguy Marin
Co-production Biennale de la Danse de Lyon, Centre chorégraphique national de Rillieux-la-Pape / Direction Yuval Pick, Festival d’Automne à Paris, Théâtre de la Bastille, Théâtre Garonne (Toulouse), Le Parvis scène nationale Tarbes Pyrénées

A long sequence of small sketches, polite and ironic. A sparse set design that sets the stage for unfinished encounters, seemingly inexplicable gestures, appearances and disappearances of mysterious characters. This is nocturnes, a set of quick, disorienting scenes that last a brief moment and reveal to us a world that is anything but reassuring. A hymn to the apparent banality of the ordinary, to the ridiculousness of certain situations. The syncopated rhythm of gestures seems to herald impending danger, underscored by a dull background noise emerging from the darkness. Another work in which Maguy Marin challenges and fascinates the viewer with extreme solutions and a creative imagination that is always unleashed.


12/15/2023 8:30 pm
Teatro Regio, Parma

Created in 2004, winner of a Bessie Award in 2008 and Prix spécial of the Jury of the Critics’ Union in 2006, Umwelt (environment, in German) is a show that has both thrilled and stirred discussion. Marin’s Umwelt is a place with its own rules where a device of panels and mirrors punctuates the lives of the nine performers. A performance “of dance without the dance” to narrate the frenzy of life. The performers appear and disappear between the interstices of panels and mirrors arranged horizontally on the stage and, hindered by a strong wind, narrate, often frantically, the daily routine of living. An inexhaustible flow of faces and lives accompanied by the pounding, hypnotic music composed by Denis Mariotte.


16/12/2023 4:30 pm
Sala Verdi – Teatro Ariosto, Reggio Emilia

Umwelt – De l’autre côté des miroirs

Sala Verdi – Ariosto Theater, Reggio Emilia

direction David Mambouch
production Compagnie Maguy Marin
co-production Lux – Scène nationale de Valence
The film was shot at the Comédie de Saint-Etienne – CDN in May 2022.

The film interweaves the two sides of the play: the frontal plane seen from a theater hall, and the other, invisible to the spectators, from the other side of the mirrors. It is a production in which we can discover and follow a very different dramaturgy, rarely observed and yet complementary to what takes place on stage. This immersion reinforces the impression of the real time of the performance and allows us to feel the urgency and vertigo of the meticulous work of collective interpretation in the work in the midst of the storm.


16/12/2023 7:00 pm
Ariosto Theater, Reggio Emilia

choreography and score by Maguy Marin
choreography re-mounted by Cathy Polo and Ennio Sammarco
costumes Montserrat Casanova
lights Alexandre Béneteaud
master repeaters Paolo Lauri, Enrico Morelli
performers Emiliana Campo, Nicola Stasi
duration 18 minutes
production MM Contemporary Dance Company
co-production I Teatri Foundation
world premiere Compagnie Maguy Marin: December 12, 1986 – Angers
first performance with MM Contemporary Dance Company: October 21, 2020 – Teatro Sociale di Trento
Duo d’Eden trailer:

“Two bodies, as if naked, advance on stage, clinging to each other and never letting go. A man and a woman with bodies that draw and cling to each other, joined to each other until they become inseparable. She, a coiling, twisting liana. He, holding her, holding her, supporting her. There is something mythical in their dance, in this total fusion of two beings who become one never to be separated again.
Eden is the original love, the love of the times of innocence. There is also something raw and primitive in this duo. The image of the sounds of waterfalls and thunderstorms make up the sound of dance.
Eden is a dance full of strength and beauty, perhaps because of what is natural emanates from the movement of purity and precision of gesture, from the almost plastic figures, from the power of the bodies. It is from there that the emotion arises. From this sobriety that reveals the essential. If love is a dance, it is surely Eden.”

Yasmine Tigoe
In Duo d’Eden two MMCDC dancers interpret with style and mastery a rare, original, very difficult and articulate piece created in 1986 by Maguy Marin for his company. Simply a man and a woman, flesh-colored jumpsuits highlighting their nudity, very long hair wig for her, clinging to each other throughout the piece, with continuous evolutions of her on his body. An Adam and Eve immersed in a journey of sensuality, eros, defense, attack, in a not so peaceful, safe and idyllic world. A poetic and intense piece.


choreography Maguy Marin
choreography re-mounted by Dorothée Delabie
music Ludwig van Beethoven, Die Grosse Fuge, op.133
live music performed by the Soloists of the Haydn Orchestra of Bolzano and Trento: Marco Mandolini violin, Elisabetta Fornaresio violin, Roberto Mendolicchio viola, Elisabetta Branca cello
costumes Chantal Cloupet
lighting François Renard
master repeater Enrico Morelli
performers Emiliana Campo, Matilde Gherardi, Fabiana Lonardo, Alice Ruspaggiari
duration 20 minutes
production MM Contemporary Dance Company
co-production Reggio Parma Festival, Festival Bolzano Danza/Fondazione Haydn di Bolzano e Trento world premiere Compagnie Maguy Marin: 2001 – Espace Jean Poperen – Meyzieu
national premiere with MM Contemporary Dance Company: December 16, 2023 – Reggio Parma Festival – Teatro Ariosto, Reggio Emilianational premiere with MM Contemporary Dance Company: July 2024 – Bolzano Danza Festival

Four women and an extraordinary piece of music such as Die Grosse Fuge: Maguy Marin’s personal reading of Ludwig van Beethoven’s work, considered a milestone in the relationship between classical music and contemporary dance, is based on a constant, intimate dialogue between dance and music, on a deep connection between the two arts.
Made in 2001 for Maguy Marin, it is given its national premiere again for Reggio Parma Festival in the interpretation of four dancers from MM Contemporary Dance Company, accompanied by live music performed by soloists from the Haydn Orchestra of Bolzano and Trento, in the version for string quartet.
From the encounter between the four women and the music, a complexity takes shape between the growing life force of the female being and the state of excitement and despair of this score. The dance becomes a euphoric explosion of energy, where the four performers, dressed in red, in an almost frenetic alternation, jump, run, slump, and rise in a vital and frenetic whirlwind. A metaphor for life becoming a whirlwind and a thrilling race against death, where the vertigo of the end itself leads us to always want to run wildly out of breath, to live each moment as if it were the last moment. An overwhelming and moving work, a moment of pure emotion.

MM Contemporary Dance Company is a contemporary dance company directed by choreographer Michele Merola, founded in 1999 as a center for the production of events and performances with the aim of fostering exchanges and alliances between Italian and international artists, witnesses and spokesmen for contemporary culture.
The repertoire of the company, which is based in Reggio Emilia, is rich and varied, thanks to works by Michele Merola and creations signed by European and Italian choreographers such as Maguy Marin, Mats Ek, Mauro Bigonzetti, Thomas Noone, Gustavo Ramirez Sansano, Karl Alfred Schreiner, Silvia Gribaudi, Eugenio Scigliano, Emanuele Soavi, Enrico Morelli, Daniele Ninarello, Ginevra Panzetti and Enrico Ticconi, Roberto Tedesco, Camilla Monga, and Adriano Bolognino.
In 2010 MM Contemporary Dance Company won the prestigious Danza&Danza Award as the best emerging company and today, it is, to all intents and purposes, a reality of excellence in Italian dance, with a consolidated activity of performances throughout the country. For some years now it has conquered an international market with performances in European and non-European countries (Korea, Colombia, Canada, Germany, Russia, Morocco, Belgium, Spain, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Sweden, France).
In 2017, MM Contemporary Dance Company won the 2017 Europaindanza Prize – Award of Merit for Choreography, for the show Bolero by Michele Merola. In 2022, MMCDC won the Danza&Danza Prize for the best Italian production with the show Ballade (cor. Mauro Bigonzetti, Enrico Morelli).
On Jan. 1, 2021 and Jan. 1, 2022, MMCDC was featured on RAI 1 in Roberto Bolle’s show “Danza con me” interpreting choreography by Mauro Bigonzetti and Lorca Massine.
Since 2018, MM Contemporary Dance Company has been an associated company of the Trentino Alto Adige InDanza Circuit.
MMCDC is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Region of Emilia-Romagna, Municipality of Reggio Emilia, National Dance Foundation/Aterballetto, Permanent Dance Center/Reggio Emilia.

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Below, a selection of articles and an audio recounting the work Maguy Marin is doing with Reggio Parma Festival and the success of this new staging of May B.


7 June 2023 by Giuseppe Distefano

May B continua a stupire: l’omaggio del Teatro di Parma a Maguy Marin

Radio 3 suite interview with Luigi Ferrari on Maguy Marin