Mostrario. Part III

10-11 December
Mostrario. Part III
Teatro Municipale Valli, Reggio Emilia

Opening hours:
10 December h 8.30 pm – 10.30 pm
11 December h 6 pm – 8 pm

The “Mostrario” is a large composite multidisciplinary event that will take place, in Parma and Reggio Emilia, in several moments (between November and December) to close the year of “Il Bestiario della Terra”. The study of the symbology of medieval bestiaries has led the artist to create a collection of eighteen scenes-bestials, never-before-seen settings that rework traditional iconography in a contemporary key, creating a living and relational laboratory to discover the animal nature inherent in the human one.
The artist’s transposition of this reflection will materialize in live-performances, installations and videos invading the theater spaces involved, not only the conventional ones but also those not normally accessible to the public.

The seven scenes at the Valli Municipal Theater in Reggio Emilia will be characterized by the singularity of the route, which accentuates perhaps the most perturbing dimensions of the Mostrario. Indeed, it touches on rather unusual spaces, such as the dungeons and galleries of the stage alcove, establishes situations of deep immersiveness, makes important use of technology in the production of images and sounds. All of which emphasizes with non-human components and detournements the eternal question that can even become: who is who?

Among the live scenes, The Field of Mandrakes features sopranos Monica Benvenuti and Silvia Pepe, screaming mandrakes torn from the earth that spawned them and images of hybrid monsters generated by artificial intelligence. The City of Plush, with eight dancers from Michele Merola Contemporary Dance Company’s Agora as a place of disturbing ambiguity under the tender appearance of puppets. The same company is in the icono-sound installation The Hall of the Viper and Giant Worms, as vertiginous as a pit plunging from heights to depths of abyss. The Dragonflies and Water Lilies, spindly exhausted fairy figures contrasted with the mendacious persuasiveness of a digital avatar. The Secret Rabbit Garden, a happy island troubled by enigmatic presences. The Traveling Mice. The sound world of a Porcile