Mostrario. Part II

2,3, 4 December
Mostrario. Part II
Teatro Due, Parma

Opening hours:
2 and 3 December from 8 pm to 10.30 pm
4 Decembrer from 5 pm to 7.30 pm

The “Mostrario” is a large composite multidisciplinary event that will take place, in Parma and Reggio Emilia, in several moments (between November and December) to close the year of “Il Bestiario della Terra”. The study of the symbology of medieval bestiaries has led the artist to create a collection of eighteen scenes-bestials, never-before-seen settings that rework traditional iconography in a contemporary key, creating a living and relational laboratory to discover the animal nature inherent in the human one.
The artist’s transposition of this reflection will materialize in live-performances, installations and videos invading the theater spaces involved, not only the conventional ones but also those not normally accessible to the public.

New living creatures will spring from different theatrical forms at Teatro Due in Parma, in synergy with the multiple disciplines mastered by Avital. The viewer will be able to encounter some mythical monsters rooted in the collective imagination, such as Medusa or The Bogeyman, and get to know new ones, for example by delving into the “Forest of Cernunnos,” a Celtic god of male fertility. In the metaphysical space of a forest of tall trees, the great deer god with a human face will produce his song, acted out by renowned baritone Nicholas Isherwood and Toni Candeloro, a leading étoile of international dance, in a live performance innervated by an original score of music and poetry, reconnecting masculinity and fertility to unspoiled nature.
A class of devilish, cunning and naughty brats, made and performed by the puppets and puppeteers of the Fondazione Famiglia Sarzi, will show the wicked mechanisms of bullying a helpless scapegoat.
It is a quirky Jewish clown, actor Ivan Zerbinati, who will recount the origins of the Golem, leading, along with musicians and dancers, the performance that starting with the clay giant, shaped to protect the Jewish people, again instills the question that dominates the entire journey: who is the monster?