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Workshop with Maguy Marin

The workshop is aimed at professional artists in dance, theater and music. It aims to set in motion skills of invention and composition by bringing the body into play with practical, concrete exercises based on the exploration of rhythm, voice, dance, theater and music.

The actual practice of many artists involves the exchange of each other’s points of view, an essential element in the research process capable of shifting the traditional relationship between creator and performer. To interpret is also to be the author of one’s gesture, it is already to understand how a context acts on the way we grasp and react to the world. The interpreter is called upon to grasp multiple pieces of information in order to constantly compose and recompose his or her relationship with his or her surroundings.

The goal is to do with the knowledge, tools and contingencies that are actually available, “at hand”: those of the body. They are numerous and will allow one to get closer to the origins of the creative act: many wastelands, which will be explored from textual, visual, physical and musical elements. Literally squeezing these materials, to the point of exhaustion, throughout the research.

Essays produced alone or in small groups will be made, offered to the gaze of other participants, revealing as they disappear, forms sometimes far removed from the initial subject, but carrying unexpected particularities and singularities. Playful exercises that will give everyone a chance to return to liberating moments of imagination, shared responsibility and collaboration to venture into unknown and foreign territories.

The workshop will allow time to take time to raise questions about the act of creation and everyone’s place in joint work from the perspective of multiplicity of perspectives, tasks and responsibilities. A time that allows us to reexamine the fundamentals of presence on stage.

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