Exhibition curated by Marina Dacci

Chiostri di San Pietro, Reggio Emilia

From 1 October to 13 November 2022

Opening 1 October, h 6 pm

Membrane project articulates and inhabits different rooms of the Chiostri di San Pietro. Painting, drawing, photography, video and sound dialogue in unison: they are an invitation to break the rigid boundaries between man and nature considering both an essential part of a universal energy in which to inscribe themselves. The sound score, the driving element, activates and connects the static and moving images. Sound leads to the deep roots of collective memory and then brings back the light and lightness of air. Tension and abandonment are salient features of the movement of the bodies in the performances on par with Yuval Avital’s instinctive pictorial gesture that characterizes his artistic production: both open and dissolve in a close relationship with the earth of archaic and symbolic flavor and strong thaumaturgic impact.

Where: Chiostri di San Pietro, Reggio Emilia, monumental complex in the heart of Reggio Emilia, a place of cultural production and a laboratory of social innovation, born from the regeneration of the ancient Benedictine Monastery of Saints Peter and Prospero, a masterpiece of the 16th century.

Opening hours:
Fridays, saturdays and sundays from 3 pm to 8 pm